Strategic planning
Strategic management was a final year paper, with a heavy emphasis on producing a useful strategic plan for a business. I obtained the highest mark in the final exam for this subject.

I produced a Strategic Plan for Physiques Fitness Centre:

    • Worked with staff and management to create a mission statement.
    • Conducted internal analysis:
      • Current strategy
      • Core competencies
      • Culture
      • Financial analysis
      • Constraints
    • Conducted external analysis:
      • Customer analysis
      • Industry analysis
      • Competitor analysis
      • Environmental analysis
    • Conducted a SWOT and PEST analysis.
    • Conducted a SPACE analysis (weighted analysis to determine appropriate strategy)
      • environmental stability
      • industry strength
      • competitive advantage
      • financial strength
    • Strategy analysis
    • and produced a long term plan

Mission Statement:

Physiques mission is to assist customers in their quest for health and fitness, by being sensitive to their needs and serving with excellence.

Curriculum Vitae : James Meharry