Wave sailing:

    Raglan works best on a SW and a NW, but sailing can still be done on a westerly.


  • Mussel rock, situated north side of the bar. Known for its reef out at sea and gnarly beach break. (SW)
  • Pipe line, located on the south side bar. Kick named this because it breaks and peals off in 4 foot of water. Works on a westerly swell with a south-westerly.
  • Brient Home, the beach that runs down towards Manu Bay. Big jumps and good onshore wave riding. (NW)
  • Bar, messy but good jumping.

It's recommended that you check your equipment before going out.


Slalom/ bump and jump:

    The tide needs to be going out! and extreme care needs to be taken!!!

    Wind directions: NW (speed strip), W, SW, E, and NE.